Our Management Commitment

c Continue to assure the integrity and validity of the PEFC COC system and its certified products.
h Heading towards the forest sustainability through the implementation and maintenance of the PEFC system practices.
e Ensure the logs/raw materials used are not come controversial sources and high risk areas. 
o Oblige the rights of the workers according to the Convention 87 and 98 of the International Labour Organization (ILO).
w Will follow the rules and regulation for the PEFC logo according to the requirement of MTCS/PEFC as specified in the document of MTCC/PEFC Logo.
o Offer adequate training to the employees performing activities related to compliance with the PEFC COC requirements.
o Offer employment opportunities to local people living within the vicinity of Cheowood.
d Deny the use of forced labor and child labor in the operation of Cheowood.